Original Rave Bans – Black


You’re on a night out. You’ve been here before; the music’s great and you’re having a good time with your mates, but you’ve been here before. Suddenly, you feel a tap on your shoulder and you get handed a pair of glasses.

‘Try these on!’, this stranger says in a highly enthusiastic demeanor. You oblige. Suddenly, all light sources turn into an ocean of rainbows. All of a sudden, life is colourful.

Our diffraction glasses are the best in the market. The diffraction grating is laser-etched on the lenses, unlike others that use film smushed between two lenses. Only 100% crystal clear diffraction for the Catseye Club.

Product Description

TheĀ Frames

  • Original Rave-Ban Wayfarer-style frames. Classic.
  • Made from extra-durable polymer. We hit it with a hammer and they wouldn’t break.
  • Made in an actual lab. Not a factory, a laboratory.
  • Designed in London, for the world..

Our Lenses

  • 13,500 lines of diffraction grating per square inch, laser-etched on the lens itself.
  • Scratch-proof and weather-proof!
  • Also made in an actual lab. Not a factory, a bloody laboratory.

Additional Information

Frame Colour





One size fits all


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